What’s COVID-19 doing to our blood vessels?



Blood-clotting complications are rapidly emerging as a significant part of the pathogenesis of COVID-19. There are reports of otherwise well people with COVID-10 having strokes, pulmonary emboli and heart attacks, and children with inflammation of their blood vessels. In recent weeks series of cases of a multi-system inflammatory condition, some resembling Kawasaki disease, have been reported in children in Europe, UK and USA.

Our 3 speakers will discuss the role of clotting and blood vessels in COVID-19, and the emerging syndrome in children.



Professor Dave Burgner is a Consultant in Paediatric Infectious Diseases at The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH). He is Group Leader Inflammatory Origins, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI), Professorial Fellow in the University of Melbourne, Department of Paediatrics, and Adjunct Professor in the Department of Paediatrics at Monash University.  Dave is a leading authority on Kawasaki disease.

Professor Paul Monagle is Professor in the University of Melbourne, Department of Paediatrics, a Senior Consultant in Haematology at RCH and Group Leader of Haematology at MCRI.  Paul is a world expert in developmental haemostasis and thrombosis in children.

Professor Vera Ignjatovic is a Senior Principal Research Fellow, Haematology, MCRI. Vera’s research focus is on the effects of anticoagulants on children.

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