Take Heart: The Quest to Rid Australasia of Rheumatic Heart Disease


Rheumatic heart disease (RHD) is a preventable disease which disproportionally affects Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in remote communities. ‘Take Heart: The Quest to Rid Australasia of Rheumatic Heart Disease’ is an award winning documentary about the experiences of some of these children and their treatment journey. For the NAIDOC Week Grand Round we are screening an excerpt of the documentary. The director and producer of the film and an RCH paediatrician who was involved in its making will speak about the film and then join with representatives from RCH to take questions from the audience.



Mike Hill and Sue Collins, director and producer of the documentary, are award-winning documentary makers.  They will speak about the background and making of the film.

Andrew Steer is an RCH infectious disease physician, head of the Infection and Immunity Theme at MCRI, and Associate Professor at the University of Melbourne.  Andrew has well over a decade of clinical and research expertise in RHD and acute rheumatic fever.

Associate Professor Christian Brizard, Cardiac Surgeon

Ms Annette Gaulton, Aboriginal Case Manager from Wadja Family Place

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