Updated CPG: Trauma–Secondary survey

The Trauma–secondary survey CPG has been updated and reviewed by the CPG committee, and endorsed by the Paediatric Improvement Collaborative (July 2022). This CPG follows on from the Trauma–primary survey CPG. It has been updated to include key points and background, as well as a detailed table with suggested approach to assessment in the secondary survey and relevant clinical findings to note.  

 The key points for the CPG are 

  1. The secondary survey allows the identification of injuries that were not detected in the primary survey 
  2. The key element is a thorough top to toe and front to back physical examination 
  3. Establish a management plan for each injury identified 
  4. Refer to the relevant specialty teams and activate relevant retrieval services 

  Note: this CPG was previously called Major paediatric trauma–the secondary survey 

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