Updated CPG: Inhaled foreign body

The Inhaled foreign body CPG has been updated by the CPG committee.

The Key points for the CPG are

  1. Inhalation of a foreign body (FB) into the trachea or larynx is a potentially life-threatening event requiring immediate emergency airway management
  2. FB inhalation is frequently unwitnessed and so a high degree of suspicion is required in young children with respiratory symptoms
  3. A history of inhalation or choking must specifically be sought by clinicians, and may have occurred days or weeks before presentation with symptoms
  4. A normal respiratory examination or chest x-ray does not exclude an inhaled FB

The CPG forms part of suite of airway CPGs covering: Emergency airway management; Emergency airway management in COVID-19 context; Can’t intubate, can’t oxygenate; and Acute upper airway obstruction



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