Updated CPG: Communicating procedures to children

The Communicating procedures to children CPG has been updated.

The Key points for the CPG are

  1. Be honest when explaining procedures to a child. During the procedure, explain what is occurring and signpost any changes before they occur, especially sensory aspects such as smells, feelings, etc. (eg a change in position, technique, equipment or staff)
  2. Use clear and simple language that is tailored to the child’s developmental level. Use affirmative terms (eg “Keep your arm nice and relaxed”) and avoid negative terms (eg “Don’t move”, “Sting”) and qualifiers (eg “This will hurt a little”). Also be aware of communication devices for children with special needs
  3. Ensure the child is positioned comfortably where they are able to see, hear and/or touch their carer during the procedure
  4. Try to have one person at a time talk to the child


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