Updated CPG: Anaphylaxis

The Anaphylaxis CPG has been updated and reviewed by interstate reviewers.

The review has included an adjustment of adrenaline doses to be in line with Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy (ASCIA) guidelines

The Key points for the CPG are

  1. Anaphylaxis is a multi-system severe allergic reaction characterised by an acute onset of cardiovascular (eg hypotension) or respiratory (eg bronchospasm) symptoms. It is usually associated with typical skin features (urticarial rash or erythema/flushing and/or angioedema) and/or persistent severe gastrointestinal symptoms
  2. Treatment of anaphylaxis is intra-muscular adrenaline 10 microgram/kg or 0.01 mL/kg of 1:1000 (maximum 0.5 mL), into lateral thigh which should be repeated after 5 minutes if the child is not improving
  3. In children with possible anaphylaxis and known asthma, always give adrenaline first, then asthma medicines
  4. Do not allow children with anaphylaxis to stand or walk



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