Thank you for 2023 from the CPG team

2023 has been a fantastic year for our guidelines, with 21 CPGs reviewed and updated as well as the development of 12 brand new CPGs, totalling 33 CPGs published and PIC-endorsed this year.

We had 20 committee meetings followed by our inaugural December discussion forum, and countless emails to the committee, authors, supervisors and reviewers. 

Thank you to all the authors and supervisors who developed or updated CPGs this year: 

Alan Ngo 

Amanda Stock 

Amanda Wilkins 

Amy Gray 

David Krieser 

Deena Parbhoo 

Ed Oakley 

Ed Sixsmith 

Elliot Long 

Emma Whyte (Qld) 

Evan O’Neill 

Gabrielle Haeusler    

Hannah Walker

Irene Moyer

Jacqueline Hall 

Jo Lawrence 

Kate Ferguson   

Kathleen McGrath          

Keith Amarakone 

Matthew Wakeley

Mike South 

Mikhalia Lazanyi 

Minaa Hibaan  

Natasha Thomson   

Natasha van den Heuvel 

Noel Cranswick      

Noha Soliman (SA)

Peter Barnett 

Priya Sundaravel  

Rachel Goh 

Saqib Rana       

Sarah Rathe 

Shawn Gielen-Relph 

Shirisha Samudrala 

Shivanthan Shanthikumar 

Sonia Grover 

Sophie Dunn 

Sophie Oldfield 

Therese Kirsten 

Tori Heaton 

A special thank you to all the experts and subspecialty consultants and trainees who kindly reviewed and advised on the CPGs 

Thank you to all our CPG committee members for your enthusiasm and commitment to the CPG development process. As well as members from New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria, we were delighted this year to welcome South Australia and Western Australia to join the Committee and look forward to other states/territories joining in 2024. 

We wish you a joy-filled and evidence-based festive season, and we look forward to bringing you more CPG updates in 2024! 


Mike, Kate H, Amanda, Sophie D, Sophie O, Kate G, Jacqui, Tori, Karen, Lichin & Rosie 

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