New CPG: Asthma preventer treatment in adolescents 12 years +

The Asthma preventer treatment in adolescents 12 years + is a brand-new CPG providing new guidance on the anti-inflammatory reliever-based treatment regimen for adolescents with asthma. It has been reviewed by the CPG committee.


The Key points for the CPG are

  1. Any adolescent with asthma should be on a treatment regimen that includes an ICS. Prescribing SABA treatment (ie salbutamol) alone is no longer recommended
  2. For most adolescents with asthma, treatment can be started with as-needed combination of an ICS and a LABA
  3. Traditional treatment with SABA and inhaled ICS is also effective and should not be changed without consulting the adolescent’s care team or a senior clinician
  4. Treatment can be stepped up and down according to response. Never cease an adolescent’s ICS completely
  5. Always check inhaler technique and compliance before dose adjustment



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