New and updated Asthma Clinical Practice Guidelines

  1. New CPG: Preschool asthma (1-5 years)
  2. New CPG: Asthma in primary school-aged children (6-11 years)
  3. Updated CPG: Acute Asthma
  4. Note change in title to CPG: Asthma in adolescents (12 years and over) previously Asthma preventer treatment in adolescents (12 years and over)

This suite of Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs) has been developed/updated by the CPG Committee to cover asthma in children across different age groups, from preschool through to adolescence. The CPGs have been endorsed by the Paediatric Improvement Collaborative (in June 2023) and provide a clear, evidence based ‘step approach’ to maintenance treatment in asthma:

  • The new Preschool asthma (1-5 years) CPG provides advice for diagnosing and managing asthma in this tricky age group. It outlines when to consider a therapeutic trial of short-acting beta agonist (SABA) or inhaled corticosteroid (ICS) to diagnose preschool asthma. It emphasises the importance of adequate symptom control and regular stepping up or down of asthma treatment to achieve good control and reduce the use of systemic corticosteroids in this age group.
  • The new Asthma in primary school-aged children (6-11 years) CPG provides advice on assessment and ongoing management of primary school-aged children with asthma. It outlines first-line preventer treatment and stepping up and down treatment according to response. It also highlights the environment impacts of MDI and provides information on green prescribing in relation to asthma.
  • The updated Acute asthma CPG has been comprehensively reviewed with new management flow diagrams for step-wise management and reassessment points in mild, moderate, severe and life-threatening acute asthma presentations.
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