The executive are sad to record the death of Dr Ann Morgan

We thank John Rogers and Ruth Wraith for these details about Ann Morgan:

Morgan, Ann OAM (23/4/1926 – 17/4/2019)

Ann Morgan, MBBS DCH, died on 17 April 2019. She will be remembered as a founder and leader in the field of parent and infant mental health and the many people that benefited from her teaching, supervision and mentoring are greatly indebted to her.  She was also a very influential as a teacher in psychoanalytic group psychotherapy. She served as President of the Australian Association of Group Psychotherapy.

The major part of her work at the Royal Children’s Hospital was in psychiatry; her postgraduate training after graduation from London University was in paediatrics, in the UK and the United States and Canada. It is noteworthy that she held the prestigious post of Chief Resident at Johns Hopkins Medical Centre in Baltimore.

In 1960 she was appointed as a consultant paediatrician at the RCH and continued in this role until 1972, when she became a Paediatrician to the Department of Child Psychiatry. She taught in the Melbourne University Diploma of Parent Infant Mental Health and continued teaching Infant Observations Seminars until she was 88 years old.

Ann was born in Wales and retained her Welsh accent throughout her life.

Her husband John Niall founded the renal unit at St Vincents Hospital where he was a consultant physician, he died three months before her. They had six children.

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