Recording of Professor Nigel Curtis’ aluminar now available

We were lucky enough to hear Prof. Nigel Curtis give his talk to us today entitled “To ChatGPT or not to ChatGPT?” As usual Nigel didn’t disappoint with a wonderful talk that was truly enlightening as well as entertaining.  You can see his talk here:  

Get to know the RCH Executive

There are some new faces in the RCH Executive. You can view the Executive team here:  

RCH Video Producer Rob Grant awarded 2023 Chair’s Medal

Rob Grant with RCH Chair Rowena Coutts and CEO Bernadette McDonald Rob Grant’s Nomination read by Michael Cheung co-nominator along with Simon Pase When Rob Grant was on the RCH Compact advisory committee, Mike O’Brien once remarked of Rob’s contribution: “The thing about Rob is that he doesn’t say much, but he thinks A LOT.” … Continued