Recent seminar: “Child health, children’s rights and the law”

The third seminar in our medico-legal series “Child health, children’s rights and the law”, jointly convened by the RCH Alumni and Children’s Rights International, took place on the first day of the 10th National Paediatric Bioethics Conference on Wednesday, September 5th. A large audience in the Ella Latham Auditorium listened attentively to a paper delivered by Magistrate Kay Macpherson,  the Regional Coordinating Magistrate of the Broadmeadows Children’s Court and head of the Family Drug Treatment Court. Ms Macpherson described a new approach in keeping children with family using the powers of the Drug Treatment Court to ensure that the parents of children aged 3 and under receive the support they need to be able to comply with court orders to stay off drugs. Comments were made by visiting American academic, Professor Mark Mercurio from Yale.
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