New members in 2018 / 2019

Dr Bronwyn Cathels MB BS FRACP. Consultant Paediatrician 1991 – 2016. Child Development and Rehabilitation, General Medicine, and Allergy. Continues in private practice at Barker’s Road Specialist Centre.


Dr Purnamawati Sujud SpA(K), MMped. Paediatric Gastroenterologist. Jakarta, Indonesia. Fellow at RCH 1994 – 1996


Dr Bambang Tridjaja AAP, SpA(K) Paediatric Endocrinologist. Jakarta, Indonesia.
Fellow at RCH 1997 – 98


Dr Christine Sanderson BSc (Hons) MBBS MPHTM FRACP Consultant Gatehouse Centre 1997 – 98, Paediatrician Geelong 1998 – 2016. Paediatrician Lao Friends’ Children’s Hospital in Luang Prabang 2016 – 2018


Dr Porpavai Kassiannan MBBS DPM MD FRANZCP MA Consultant Psychiatrist 2007 – 2018


Dr Elizabeth (Libby) Smibert MBBS DCH Clinical Assistant Oncology. At RCH 1973 – 2018


Dr Nigel Hocking OAM MBBS (Hons) FRACP Consultant Paediatrician (Outpatients) 1983 – 1988. Subsequently Paediatrician Sunshine Hospital.


Mr John Fisher MA LACST TPTC Deputy Chief Speech Pathologist (1989-2002)


Prof George Werther MD FRACP MSc (Oxon) Director of Endocrinology 1999 – 2016


Prof Margaret Deighton BSc MSc DipEd PhD FASM Microbiologist. Formerly Hospital Scientist RCH 1963-1968


Dr Knowles Kerry AAM PhD BAgSci DDA Was attached to RCH Research Foundation Gastro Research Unit;  Later Director of Research in Australia’s Antarctic Program.


Ms Alessandra Giannini B App Sci MA (bioethics) Senior Speech Pathologist and ENT Research Coordinator for the MCRI   July 19


Prof James Camakaris PhD post-doctoral research fellow in the Genetics Research Unit 1975. Senior research associate in MCRI 1979-1986 Honorary Professorial Fellow at Melb. University Aug 19


Dr Walter Heale MB BS FRACP Formerly deputy renal physician.


Dr Pamela Cox MB BS General Practitioner, Bentleigh. JRMO / SRMO at RCH 1976-1977





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