Celebrating Trans Day of Visibility

The Melbourne Children’s Campus stands proudly in solidarity with the transgender and gender diverse communities on Trans Day of Visibility.

Throughout history and across cultures, gender diversity has been a fundamental aspect of human experience, including within First Nations cultures.

Today we celebrate and honour all trans and gender diverse children, young people, parents, family members, and staff within our community. Everyone deserves the opportunity to live authentically, with safety and equal access to opportunities, from childhood through to adulthood.

As leaders of Australia’s largest clinical and research program dedicated to supporting trans and gender diverse children, adolescents and their families, we are committed to fostering environments of inclusivity, respect and affirmation. Our research and clinical experience underscores the vulnerability of trans and gender diverse children and adolescents, and emphasises the urgent need for our unwavering support, respect and affirmation.

Today, and every day, we raise our voices against discrimination. We reaffirm our dedication to championing diversity and advocating for the rights of our trans and gender diverse patients, research participants, their families, our colleagues, and the broader trans and gender diverse communities.

You are loved, you are valued, and you are not alone.


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