Intersex Awareness Day

Thursday 26 October marks Intersex Awareness Day, recognised internationally each year on the anniversary of the first demonstration by intersex advocates at a medical conference at the American Academy of Paediatrics.

‘Intersex’, ‘intersex variations’ ‘variations in sex characteristics’ and ‘differences of sex development’ are umbrella terms for people born with physical, hormonal or genetic characteristics that don’t fit with typical male or female ‘norms’. There are lots of different types of variations and different people prefer different terms to describe themselves or their bodies.

Over time, care pathways for children with intersex variations have evolved in response to both improved knowledge and understanding of these variations and advocacy from people with lived or living experience. At a Federal and state level, considerable work has been undertaken to engage the intersex community, advocates and clinicians to determine future care pathways, and the RCH is proud to be an active contributor to these discussions.

We remain committed to providing the best care and outcomes for each individual patient and their family, and believe it remains critically important that each child’s individual needs are considered and recognised in care pathways.

The Royal Children’s Hospital is proud to support all those with variations of sex characteristics, those who identify as intersex, the intersex community and Intersex Awareness Day.

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