Champions for Children: Meet Lucy Dove

Meet Lucy, our latest Champion for Children, who is the Nurse Unit Manager (NUM) of Wombat—a newly established ward at the RCH!

Hi Lucy!

Tell us about your role at the RCH and why you wanted to work here? 
My current role at the RCH is the new Wombat NUM. I joined the RCH in 2019 as the Day Medical Unit NUM, and for the last 10 months have been in a secondment position as the Nursing and Administration Workforce and Interpreter Services Manager. Prior to the RCH, I had worked in one organisation for over 20 years, building my nursing career from clinical nurse to nurse manager. I loved both the management and clinical aspects of the role but was looking for a new challenge. Joining the RCH seemed to be the perfect challenge for me, where I could build on my existing skills and experience, and still offer the skills that I had developed to others.   

What drew you into nursing in the first place? 
I have been nursing for nearly 30 years and it is hard for me to pinpoint the moment I decided I wanted to be a nurse, but I love every aspect of it. Nursing provides such amazing opportunities in a variety of areas. As a nurse we are in a privileged position of seeing people at their most vulnerable. It is also so fulfilling to be able to make a positive impact on a patient’s health journey. 

What kinds of patients will be admitted to Wombat? 
Wombat will be a mixture of oncology and medical specialty patients. 

Why should staff be excited to work on Wombat?
Well, it is not often that a brand-new ward opens! It’s an opportunity to be part of the development of a new ward and the creation of a new team culture which is pretty exciting! 

Paediatric nursing is an incredibly demanding job, what do you do outside of work to relax? 
I live on a bit of acreage, so there is always something to do. I like catching up with friends and family.  To clear my head I like to run, although I am very slow so not sure it can be called running!

Come and join the new Wombat ward!

If you have ever thought about joining the RCH, now is the time in our newly established Wombat ward. Be part of something exciting with rewarding days, opportunities to grow and learn, and developing a new supportive team culture.

We’re ready for you:

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