Localising efforts to improve care for children in a global world, to reach those in greatest need



Globally, we face many common challenges. Yet how do we address these in different health contexts to ensure that the right care reaches those who need it the most, in the right way? Decentralisation, localisation, “glocalisation”…many labels been applied to approaches, and debate ensues about which approach is “right”. Yet the aim is common – best care, best outcomes, everywhere.  Evidence is being generated at a greater pace than ever, yet humans remain creatures of habit and behaviour change is hard. Similar challenges – and opportunities – exist to strengthen health systems to improve the health of children whether in low-resource or well-resourced settings. We will provide global and local perspectives.



Professor Steve Graham is Professor of International Child Health with University of Melbourne and co-Chair of Melbourne Children’s Global Health. He has clinical and research experience from African and Asia-Pacific settings in strengthening services to detect, treat and prevent tuberculosis in children at all levels of care.

Dr Mariam Tokhi is a GP in Melbourne’s West at Utopia Refugee Health, and also works in the Doctors in Secondary Schools programme. Mariam completed a Master of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University and is a lecturer in Narrative Medicine at the University of Melbourne.

Dr Dan Mason is a General Paediatrician with a clinical interest in Immigrant and Refugee health who works at The Royal Childrens Hospital and the Werribee Mercy Hospital. He has worked in the community at the Utopia Refugee and Asylum Seeker Health Centre since 2020.

Associate Professor Hamish Graham is a General Paediatrician and co-Chair of the Lancet Global Health Commission on Medical Oxygen. With clinical and research experience in Sub-Saharan Africa, his research focuses on improving access to and quality of respiratory care for critically ill newborns and children.


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