VicHip: What makes this clinical registry so powerful?


The Victorian hip dysplasia registry (VicHip) is part of a transformative effort in Victoria to improve the diagnosis and treatment of hip dysplasia. In this Grand Round, four VicHip team members will speak about their approach, which includes a streamlined process for clinicians, integrated data systems, and stakeholder engagement and research. If you’re a health professional, researcher or parent looking for more information, tools and publications about hip dysplasia, this session will be a valuable resource.



Associate Professor Leo Donnan is a Paediatric Orthopaedic surgeon and Principal Investigator, VicHip. Leo is a former Chief of Surgery and Head of Orthopaedics at The Royal Children’s Hospital. He specialises in limb reconstruction, orthopaedic oncology and joint replacement and hip dysplasia. Leo established Melbourne’s first hip dysplasia registry, now known as VicHip. The registry connects with other datasets, enabling clinicians worldwide to enhance patient care. Leo places great emphasis on engaging patients, families and stakeholders in shaping the registry. He has a Master of Education and developed 3D animated teaching for hip dysplasia screening and patient education, including safe swaddling methods. Leo has extensive experience in senior hospital administrative roles and works in close collaboration with the Health Department.


Ms Melissa Formosa is a Senior Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) and Chief Investigator, VicHip. Melissa is a clinical researcher with expertise in managing investigator-led and sponsored clinical trials and registries, auditing, monitoring and database design. Melissa developed a research tool that seamlessly integrates electronic medical records and registry data. She also mentors orthopaedic professionals and contributes to various studies, governance submissions and clinical audits, promoting interdisciplinary collaboration, clinical excellence and a positive scientific research culture.


Dr Natalie Hyde is a Research Lead, VicHip. Natalie has over five years of post-PhD experience in the developmental origins of health and disease and musculoskeletal research. She has over 50 publications, and has contributed to three book chapters. Natalie holds positions at Deakin University and Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, focusing on child musculoskeletal health and leading VicHip’s research strategy. She is linked to research programs in Population Health at IMPACT (Deakin) with Barwon Health and The Royal Children’s Hospital, coordinating mixed methods studies and managing diverse stakeholders, vital skills in ensuring the success of VicHip.


Ms Rebecca Collins is a Stakeholder Engagement Coordinator, VicHip. Rebecca is a communicator and health writer. She currently leads VicHip’s communication and engagement strategy, incorporating a tailored stakeholder engagement approach and coordinating focus groups with patients and health professionals. Rebecca has collaborated with some of Australia’s most respected child health experts focused on driving research impact and health promotion. She spearheaded the communication and marketing platforms for the Victorian Clinical Genetics Services, established a stakeholder engagement framework for Generation Victoria and introduced project management at the Centre for Community Child Health.

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