Family Violence – Listening to and learning from young people with lived experience



 ‘Family violence is rarely seen or understood through the eyes of children and young people. Way too often, we are the ones you leave behind.’ 

This Grand Round invites you to listen to young people with lived experience of family violence and see family violence through their eyes. We will be joined by Berry Street’s Y-Change Lived Experience Consultants to learn how practitioners can better support children and young people with experiences of family violence and understand what can make a difference to a child or young person in your care.

Berry Street’s Y-Change Lived Experience Consultants are young people aged 18-30 with lived experiences of socioeconomic and systemic disadvantage. The team works to challenge the thinking and practices of social systems through advocacy and leadership. They have been a critical voice in the Family Violence reform and have recently developed guidelines for practitioners engaging with children and young people who experience family violence.



Dani Gold is Senior Social Worker Specialist Family Violence Officer, Family Violence Project, The Royal Children’s Hospital

Morgan Cataldo has worked for more than 10 years in the not for profit sector in policy, advocacy and service development roles. Her passion for participatory practice and peer education stems from her own intimate lived experience of service systems. She is currently the Senior Manager Youth Engagement at Berry Street where she leads the Y-Change initiative, and also consults independently as part of her private practice. She is a Board Member of 100 Story Building and The Constellation Project.

Tash Anderson is a Berry Street Y-Change Lived Experience Consultant and Youth Advocate. Tash works with Berry Street’s Y-Change initiative and is a passionate advocate for children and young people who have experienced family violence and who have been through the out-of-home care system.

Tash was the Inaugural Youth and Young Person representative on the Victim Survivors’ Advisory Council (VSAC) in Victoria. She is currently the co-chair of Victoria’s first Child Protection Ministerial Youth Advisory Group (MYAG) and is a representative of many other important reforms and advisory groups.

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