The legacy of acute kidney injury: Strategies to mitigate long-term risk



The long-term outcomes of acute kidney injury are an area of increasing interest, with epidemiological studies reporting a significantly increased long-term risk of chronic kidney disease, hypertension, dialysis dependence, and death following an episode of acute kidney injury. Predictors of adverse outcomes are yet to be definitively established and only a minority of patients currently undergo nephrology review as part of routine care. This presentation will describe the long-term sequelae of acute kidney injury and explore potential therapies and quality initiatives aimed at mitigating risk in acute kidney injury survivors.



Dr Emily See is a Critical Care Nephrologist at Austin Health and the Royal Melbourne Hospital, and a Senior Clinical Lecturer in the Department of Critical Care at the University of Melbourne. She is a clinical trialist with the Australia and New Zealand Intensive Care Society Clinical Trials Group and the Australasian Kidney Trials Network. Her clinical and research interests centre around acute kidney injury and its recovery, the individualised prescription of continuous renal replacement therapy, and the care of dialysis and transplant patients within the ICU.

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