Busting the Superhero Myth – Our Mental Health during a pandemic



For several months, we have experienced significant restrictions on how we live and work. Whilst Victoria’s strict lockdown protocols are working to suppress the virus, for many of us, social isolation has taken a toll on mental health.  Our new reality, and the social, mental and emotional deprivation that accompanies it, highlights that what we do in life and who we do it with, are critical to how we feel.   

In this presentation, our speaker will share research on the relationship between work, stress and mental health and what these relationships mean in the context of a global pandemic. Whilst grounded in empirical research and global best practice, the talk with have a personal theme, focusing on what we all can do more of to prevent stress and manage our wellbeing in today’s complex environment. 



Dr Kathryn Page is an organisational psychologist and workplace mental health expert. She has significant knowledge in leadership, employee wellbeing, and diversity and inclusion with a broad experience base that includes executive coaching, consulting roles and academia.

A passionate advocate for workplace mental health, Kathryn has a strong focus on psychological safety, workplace stress prevention, women in leadership, diversity of thinking, and inclusive leadership. She is also an active writer and researcher and currently holds an honorary fellow role at Deakin University in Australia. Kathryn has published over two dozen empirical papers, and books on well-being, stress and mental health. She regularly writes about, and advises on, work-related topics including job stress, wellbeing, performance, leadership and culture. Kathryn also sits on Movember‘s Global Advisory Committee for men’s mental health.


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