COVID-19: Decisions, ethics – and the impact on staff


COVID-19 has resulted in a flurry of high-stakes decision-making, at a public health level and an individual patient level, with significant impacts on how children are cared for, and how staff work. Many of these decisions have ethical dimensions. In this Grand Round, we discuss the ethical balancing between competing values that lies behind these decisions. We also consider some of the impacts on staff who are implementing and working with the effects of those decisions. As always, an ethics discussion is interactive – we invite your questions and comments by Zoom chat.



Professor John Massie is a consultant respiratory physician at The Royal Children’s Hospital, and Clinical Lead of the Children’s Bioethics Centre

Professor Clare Delany is a clinical ethicist at the Children’s Bioethics Centre and health professional educator in the Department of Medical Education at the University of Melbourne.

Professor Lynn Gillam is a clinical ethicist at RCH, and Academic Director of the Children’s Bioethics Centre

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