Neonatal Seizures: To fit or not to fit?



Seizures are more common in the neonatal period than at any other time of life. Recognition of seizures in the NICU has changed in recent years with the introduction of bedside EEG tools. Increased recognition has raised the sceptre of whether all subclinical seizures need treatment with anticonvulsants. Pharmacotherapy for neonatal seizures has sadly not kept pace with some of the investigational advancements. The Newborn Electrographic Seizure Trial aimed to determine whether treatment of all electrographic seizures with standard anticonvulsant therapies improved neurodevelopmental outcome. It was completed early in 2019 and results, with ongoing challenges, will be presented.


Professor Rod Hunt is the Director of Neonatal Medicine at RCH and is co-lead for the Neonatal Research Group. His research interests have focussed on neonatal neurology and neurodevelopmental outcomes for graduates of NICU.


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