Perioperative Medicine: Across the ages


Perioperative medicine (POM) is the multidisciplinary, integrated care of patients from the moment surgery is contemplated through to recovery. Perioperative Medicine is a key strategic focus of the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA). While much of the research, education, and implementation of perioperative medicine has been for adults, particularly older sicker adults, there is evolving work in perioperative medicine for children. Part of this evolution is exploring important perioperative research questions.



Professor David Story is Foundation Chair of Anaesthesia at the University of Melbourne; and Deputy Director of the Centre for Integrated Critical Care (CICC). He is also Associate Director of the Melbourne Academic Centre for Health. David is a member of the ANZCA Clinical Trials Network, the ANZCA Research Committee, and the ANZCA Safety and Quality Committee. His main research interest is cost-effective clinical approaches to reduce perioperative risk, complications, disability, and mortality. His clinical work involves perioperative care for most surgical specialties, including liver transplantation.

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