Digital Health on the Melbourne Children’s Campus: innovation, evidence and translation


Global demand for accessible, evidence-based and cost-effective healthcare is rising. Advances in technology together with its increasing use and declining costs have provided valuable opportunities for greater application of digital applications in healthcare. However, only a small percentage of digital apps have undergone clinical validation, and healthcare organisations are not traditionally equipped to innovate, evaluate and implement digital technology solutions. The Digital Health group on Melbourne Children’s Campus draws on expertise at MCRI, RCH and the University of Melbourne and works with industry partner Curve Tomorrow. This model of experienced software engineers embedded within a research institute, and co-located with a tertiary hospital and university is designed to facilitate a collaborative relationship between the technology and healthcare sector.


Professor Vicki Anderson is Head of Psychology at the Royal Children’s Hospital and Theme Director, Clinical Sciences Research, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute. In her role as Clinical Lead of the Digital Health Translation and Implementation Program, Prof Anderson’s recent work has extended to developing evidence for e-health approaches to clinical assessment of social cognition, a community facing psychoeducation tool for concussion and a parent-focused psychosocial treatments as a means of maximising child outcomes and improving family function.

Professor Harriet Hiscock is Associate Director of Research at the Centre for Community Child Health, Consultant Paediatrician and NHMRC Practitioner Fellow. She is Director of the Royal Children’s Hospital Health Services Research Unit, Group Leader of Health Services at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, Director of the Australian Paediatric Research Network, and Principal Fellow, Department of Paediatrics, University of Melbourne.

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