Genetic epilepsies and precision medicine


This Grand Round, presented by Dr Annapurna Poduri from Boston will explore the role of genetics in epilepsy and the importance of pursuing genetic diagnoses in patients with epilepsy as a step toward refined treatment and precision medicine strategies. Dr Puduri will emphasize the importance of integrating what we know from the clinic into clinically relevant model systems.


Dr Annapurna Poduri, MD MPH is a clinician-scientist focused on epilepsy genetics. She is the Director of the Epilepsy Genetics Program at Boston Children’s Hospital and Associate Professor in Neurology at Harvard Medical School. Her translational research program has conducted many collaborative projects on gene discovery and genotype-phenotype correlation, and her laboratory is modelling epilepsy-related genes in zebrafish. Dr Poduri serves on the International League Against Epilepsy Genetics Commission and chairs the American Epilepsy Society/National Institutes of Neurological Disorders and Stroke Epilepsy Benchmarks Committee.

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