Paediatric MR PET imaging at the RCH: New insights in cancer and neurology


MR PET imaging is a new technology that allows the simultaneous acquisition of Magnetic Resonance (MR) and Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Images for clinical studies. It has provided invaluable diagnostic information in children with cancer, complex neurological problems and other conditions.  The journey for the RCH to acquire an MR PET began with the design of the new RCH which was finalised before MR PET units were commercially available in 2011. The RCH is one of the first paediatric hospitals in the world to install an MR PET and has now performed more MR PET studies on children that any other MR PET service in the world. The clinical imaging service has been embraced by RCH Imaging Technologists and clinicians, and has particularly benefitted RCH oncology and epilepsy patients. The Grand Round presentation will briefly describe the journey for the RCH to acquire an MR PET and demonstrate the clinical benefits of the new imaging technology to RCH patients.



Dr Timothy Cain was the Manager of the RCH MR PET project during the procurement of the Siemens Biograph MR PET. Once it was installed in April 2016, he worked with a talented team of RCH MR and Nuclear Medicine technologists and RCH imaging specialists, to supervise the establishment of the MR PET clinical imaging service at the RCH. He is now the clinical leader of MR PET in the RCH Medical Imaging Department where he works as a Senior specialist Radiologist and Nuclear Medicine Specialist.  Senior clinicians who make use of PET MRI to improve the care of children with cancer and neurological disease will also contribute to the presentation

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