Transition to Paediatrics Program

Have you always wanted to work in paediatric nursing but are currently working in the adult sector? Now is your chance to pursue a new opportunity and start the next chapter in your career!

The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) is pleased to announce the continuation of its Transition to Paediatrics Program for nurses who have a desire to work in paediatrics but who have little or no experience in this specialist field. We recognise that nurses with experience in adult nursing have specialist knowledge, skills and clinical expertise that can enhance the dynamic of our teams here at RCH, where our nurses collaborate, innovate and advocate to provide Great Care, Everywhere.

Read below to hear more from Jess, who shares her own experience of undertaking the program last year.

For further information about the program please visit the job ad.

Why did you choose a career in nursing? 

I choose to become a nurse because I wanted to positively impact my patients’ healthcare and provide support to patients and families when they are most vulnerable. I knew nursing was for me because our role is so much more than just caring for a patient’s physical health, we get to provide emotional support to patients and families. I highly value and respect a nurse’s role and ability to contribute holistically to the entire wellbeing of patients and their families. It’s such a privilege to be part of a family’s healthcare journey and work in dynamic environments, continuously learn and building critical thinking.

Why did you want to move over to work in paediatrics and take part in the Transition to Paediatrics program?

Starting my graduate year in a global pandemic highlighted to me the impact of a nurse’s role in facilitating patient and family centred care, and the importance of demonstrating resilience and adaptability in challenging circumstances. After completing my graduate nursing program at an adult hospital, I was ready to take on a new challenge and pursue a passion for paediatric nursing by applying for the Transition to Paediatrics Program. I always loved the idea of caring for children, but after my year working as a nurse in the adult setting, I realised how much I value and enjoy providing care to patients and their families. The Royal Children’s Hospital’s excellent standard of patient and family centred care was what I aspired to be a part of. I was nervous to apply at the RCH, nursing children is a specialty area and very different to adult nursing. But knowing there was so much support and teaching offered in the program, through paediatric specific study days alongside regular debriefs and catch ups within the program, made the decision to apply so much easier.

What are you enjoying the most about paediatric nursing?

I’m enjoying making regular nursing tasks fun for kids. It’s challenging at times, something as simple as taking a blood pressure is not always straight forward. But it is fun being creative and working with kids and their families to make their time in hospital as enjoyable as possible.

What advice would you give someone wanting to make that leap and apply for the Transition to Paediatrics program?

Just do it! I couldn’t fault my experience; I knew if I had any problems, support was available on and off the ward. There’s been weekly debrief sessions within the group, and even help with orientation modules. It took me so long to get my head around paediatric medication calculations, but the support available made it so much easier.

What has been the highlight of paediatric nursing and participating in the Transition to Paediatrics Program?

For me, the highlight has been feeling more confident in my role as a paediatric nurse and now I have a job at a place I’ve always wanted to work. The program has provided me with lots of learning opportunities and teaching, but without making me feel like a graduate nurse again. The team running the program structured the study days around paediatric nursing, rather than general nursing, which we all had prior clinical experience and skills in.

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  1. Maria Flynn (Exec Director Nursing & AH)

    Well done Jess and our other TtP program nurses, thank you for making the decision to change your established career paths for paediatrics. We are so very fortunate to have you all at RCH. Fresh eyes and new perspective offer us so many opportunities for critical thinking and innovation; this and our other new nursing programs such as the RUSON roles, really compliment the great nursing teams we have here. #loveRCHnursing

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