Australian Press Council adjudication

The Royal Children’s Hospital acknowledges the Australian Press Council (APC) adjudication relating to a campaign of coverage of our Gender Service, in particular Associate Professor Michelle Telfer, which has been ongoing for more than two years.

The continued campaign has impacted Michelle, the Gender Service team, our patients and the transgender community. The APC adjudication confirms that media outlets have an obligation to deliver accurate, unbiased reporting on transgender issues.

The Royal Children’s Hospital stands by Michelle, our Gender Service and its talented clinicians. We remain committed to their great work to improve the physical and mental health outcomes of children and adolescents who are trans or gender diverse.

The full final adjudication is available on the APC website here.

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  1. Karen Neill

    For the Press Council, any finding of wrongdoing is rare: so for me, this shows there was quite a magnitude of bad journalism. The attacks in that Murdoch rag were appalling. Thank you to the hospital and its dedicated staff for maintaining their focus during this barrage of malice.


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