Detention harms children

The Royal Children’s Hospital has long advocated that children should not be held in detention. We stand with our colleagues at the Academy of Child and Adolescent Health (ACAH) and support its statement released today that the issue must be resolved as a matter of urgency. Detention harms children – and this protracted dispute is doing even more damage to these young lives.

You can read the full statement from the ACAH online.

4 comments for “Detention harms children”

  1. Pam

    Detention harms children

  2. Sue Settre

    It is so very wrong to hold children and obviously their families for any length of time, especially when “proper” care or attention is not given or sadly not recognised, therefore causing further problems.

  3. Robert Aldred

    I agree. Holding children in detention is cruel and serves no useful purpose. It does not determine people smugglers. The boats have stopped. Let the family return to Biloela

  4. Lyn

    Appreciate RCH support. Detention harms children. The family from Biloela’s children were born in Australia ie. Australian Children are being harmed by our Federal Governments inflexible Stance. They would prefer to spend over $6M to detain (& harm) children rather than return them to the community where they were productive members of society. Hospitals,Schools, Public Housing, Welfare, aged care, disability sector etc could really make those $6M translate to an uplifting of Australian society.

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