Intersex Awareness Day

Today marks Intersex Awareness Day! Intersex is a normal part of human diversity and The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) is proud to support intersex patients and the intersex community.

The day is marked internationally and occurs on the anniversary of the first demonstration by intersex advocates at a medical conference at the American Academy of Paediatrics.

“At The Royal Children’s Hospital, we adopt a multidisciplinary approach to care for individuals who have intersex variations and engage with a range of our departments to support this care –  from endocrinology and gynaecology, to urology, ethics, psychology and more,” RCH Clinical Coordinator of Endocrinology and Gynaecology, Chloe Hanna said.

“We also work with community organisations to promote holistic care – such as peer support groups, physiotherapy and general practice clinics.”

“How patients with intersex variations are medically managed has changed over time, largely though hearing the lived experiences of people with intersex variations. Our teams are currently undertaking projects to explore the psychosocial support needed for adolescents and their families, with the aim of developing new resources.”

Chloe said days like Intersex Awareness Day are important to help us understand the diversity of our community.

“Intersex Awareness day is important as it reminds us, as health professionals of the diversity and vitality of this community, as well as highlight the critical support and advocacy pathways for people with intersex variations. “

“For me personally, the voice of the intersex community plays an integral role in my practice. I feel privileged to meet so many amazing families and young people, and to listen and learn from those who advocate for the intersex individuals we support at the RCH.”

People with intersex variations’ is an umbrella term for people born with physical, hormonal or genetic sex-related features that are not typical for either male or female.

For more information about the health of people with intersex variations, please click here.


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