Introducing Baby Chat!

Introducing Baby Chat! The Royal Children’s Hospital’s (RCH) newest virtual health program helping our smallest patients to feel at home and hear the voices of their parents and siblings, while being cared for in our Newborn Intensive Care Unit.

Six-week-old, Arthur, and his family were some of the first to test out Baby Chat, when the family recently celebrated older brother Oliver’s ninth birthday.

Arthur was born with oesophageal atresia, meaning his oesophagus didn’t meet his stomach, and needed surgery soon after birth at the RCH. Although this meant Arthur’s three older brothers had to wait patiently for six weeks before meeting their brother, Baby Chat has helped the family to connect and celebrate special moments together during this time.

Arthur’s mum, Genevieve said “Having Arthur with us through Baby Chat to celebrate Oliver’s ninth birthday was so special for him, and for us too as we didn’t want to leave Oliver on his birthday, but we also didn’t want to be away from Arthur. It’s something we’ll cherish forever.”



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