Fairy magic on Day Medical Unit

We all know that winter can be a cold and gloomy time, but the staff in our Day Medical Unit aren’t letting the cold months get them or their patients down!

Yesterday the team dressed up as fairies as part of the unit’s “Winter Wellbeing” initiative. The initiative will run throughout the chilly months as a way to boost morale among staff, bring some colour and fun to the unit and provide a warm, positive and happy atmosphere for patients.

Sarina Barkho, Ward Clerk on Day Medical Unit and Overnight Accommodation, says there is a different theme and activity each week and it gives the team something to look forward to on days when it’s cold and grey.

“We get to do some exciting things like yesterday where we dressed up as fairies, or crazy shirt day which gives the patients something fun to see and smile about while they’re here for what may be a completely foreign and daunting experience,” Sarina says.

“Here’s to this winter being the warmest one yet on Day Medical Unit!”

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