11th National Bioethics Conference now calling for abstracts

We know respect is a fundamental part of our culture at the RCH, but understanding respect as an ethical principle is not always easy. Many of the people we work with and the communities we serve have different views, values, culture, religion, experiences or expectations and challenge us to respond in many different ways. 

This year the 11th National Bioethics Conference will explore these challenges and the impact they have on healthcare – under the title ‘Respecting different perspectives.’

We are now inviting submissions of abstracts for oral presentations – standard papers or de-identified case studies. Cases discussion may be led by the submitter, or one of the Children’s Bioethics Centre team, if you would like us to do that.  Some suggested themes for the abstract include:

  • Respecting families’ cultural and religious beliefs and practices – going too far or not going far enough? Are there any limits?
  • Balancing respect for families with staff safety and well-being
  • Witnessing parenting practices in the hospital – respect for parents as parents, but what if ….
  • Respecting a child – what does this mean in theory and in practice?
  • Respectful disagreements between clinicians – is it possible? What would it look like?
  • Accommodating difference of opinion- respect, compromise, caving-in….?
  • Is conflict always bad? Can respect and conflict co-exist?
  • How well do our systems respect diversity?

The deadline for abstracts is April 23rd.

Please direct any enquiries about suitability of papers and/or cases to Prof Lynn Gillam, Academic Director of the Children’s Bioethics Centre, at lynn.gillam@rch.org.au.

Abstract instructions:

  • Maximum 250 words
  • List all authors, titles, affiliations, indicating the presenting author in bold.
  • Cases studies should be de-identified, but contain sufficient detail to provide for robust discussion by a panel.
  • Case discussion may be led by the submitter, or one of the CBC team. Indicate your preference.
  • Email abstracts and/or cases as a Word document by Tuesday April 23 along with any general enquiries to karen.fellows@rch.org.au

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