Introducing the face of the 2019 Good Friday Appeal

We’re proud to introduce four-year-old Ollie as the face of the 2019 Good Friday Appeal.

Four-year-old had his leg amputated due to a rare genetic condition. Picture: Jay Town

If you saw little Ollie running around, you would think he was like any other four year old. He’s charismatic, full of life and will go exploring at any opportunity he gets. But Ollie faces challenges every day after having the lower part of his leg amputated in 2016.

Ollie was diagnosed with Fibular Hemimelia during gestation. The rare condition occurs once in every forty thousand births and Ollie was born with his right leg missing its fibular, an ankle structure that wasn’t fully formed and only two toes. Despite facing adversity daily, Ollie’s determination shone through and has never let a challenge stop him.  He began crawling, pulling himself up and walking on his leg – just like any toddler would.

The family began attending appointments at The Royal Children’s Hospital to see the Limb Difference Clinic and a team of five specialists – a prosthetist, orthopaedic surgeon, physiotherapist, occupational therapist and social worker. They assessed when would be an appropriate time for an amputation.

At only six weeks post-surgery Ollie, was fitted with his first prosthetic leg – and he hasn’t looked back since.

Watch his inspiring story below.

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5 comments for “Introducing the face of the 2019 Good Friday Appeal”

  1. Jacob Thomson

    Can I donate 20 dollars to you each week?

    • Jacob Thomson

      Yes you can!

    • Corporate Communications

      Hi Jacob, thank you for your interest in supporting the RCH. All donations to the Good Friday Appeal are managed by the Appeal team – you can reach them on (03) 9292 1166. You can also read more about the Appeal, and the donation process, on their website – Thank you again, and all the best

  2. MishkaChow

    Hi Ollie
    My name is Mishka, a cute Chow Chow puppy whose parents love kids . My Pawrents and I are planning to attend the upcoming event “Good Friday Appeal: Do it for the kids!” on Fri 19th. Will you be there for a hug? <3

  3. Liv

    My son has the same condition in his right leg; in the discussions of limb lengthening now. Thank you for sharing your story xx

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