Top tips in dental care

Each year, more than 26,000 Australian children under the age of 15 are admitted to hospital because they have decay or holes in their teeth, making dental disease the highest cause of acute, preventable hospitalisations.

The RCH Child Health Poll found one-third of children aren’t brushing their teeth often enough, and that one in six parents don’t believe dental decay matters young children. However, dental disease and tooth decay can cause poor nutrition, growth, and development, and can negatively impact a child’s quality of life. Children who have dental disease often continue to have poor oral health as an adult.

To prevent tooth decay, children’s teeth need to be cleaned twice a day from the time the first tooth pushes through the gum. Our new dental video has some great tips on how parents and carers can help their children brush their teeth at home, especially during the tricky baby and toddler stages.

Watch the video below, and for more information on dental care, please visit our Kids Health Info website.

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