Access changes to RCH Emergency Department

Visitors to the hospital will notice some changes to access from tonight due to work getting underway on the RCH aquarium.

Our building managers have advised us that while hoarding will be in place around the aquarium on Main Street and in the Emergency Department (ED), patients and families will be unable to use the stairs beside the aquarium to go between Main Street and ED.

Access between Main Street and ED will be through the yellow lifts beside Main Reception and the white lifts near Aruba Cafe. Access will also be available via the stairs in the white lifts foyer.

Signs will be in place to guide patients and families. Regular access from outside into the Emergency Department will not be affected.

We are working to ensure minimal disruption to families, and thank you for your patience while we await the return of our fish.

They will continue being cared for at the Melbourne Aquarium until the project is completed early next year.


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