New asthma resource available

Patient Olivia is affected by asthma.

Asthma is the most common childhood illness, with one in four children affected. Knowing what to do during an asthma episode, and how to give medicines correctly, is very important. 

A new series of videos to help parents and carers know what asthma is, how to treat it, and how to follow your asthma plan has been created by experienced paediatricians, nursing staff and medical educators from the RCH.

The series, which has been supported by the RCH Foundation and guided by the National Asthma Guidelines, is now live on the RCH Kids Health Info fact sheets.

Click here to access the asthma education videos via RCH Kids Health Info

Dr Lexi Frydenberg, who led the video development, said the team wanted to provide comprehensive, up-to-date asthma education videos for parents and carers.

“We wanted to create some consistency in asthma education to assist in parent and carer understanding of their child’s asthma using a simple visual format,” she said.

“The information can be accessed anywhere, anytime and gives families a consistent and trusted resource when it comes to asthma care.”

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