Huge honour for the RCH’s Sarath Ranganathan

The RCH Director of Respiratory Medicine Professor Sarath Ranganathan – globally recognised as an expert in clinical respiratory physiology and early lung disease – has been elected fellow of the American Thoracic Society.

RCH chief of Medicine and Director of Endocrinology and Diabetes A/Prof Matt Sabin today congratulated Sarath on the significant achievement.

“What an honour for Sarath, and the wider RCH. We all wish him huge congratulations.

“The American Thoracic Society is the world’s leading organisation for research, clinical care and public health in respiratory disease, critical illness and sleep disorders.

“Fellowship is a mark of distinction for selected members on their significant accomplishments, dedications and contributions to the society, and is really a mark of international respect,” Matt said.

Sarath, who has joint roles with MCRI and Melbourne University, has been with the RCH since 2004, after starting his career in the UK.

While he juggles innumerable responsibilities and challenges, he concedes that’s the way he likes it. He also applauds the Australian model of being able to combine clinical work with research and education.

“In Australia I find my colleagues and I actually work much harder than I would in Europe or America but I enjoy work so much more.”

Another of Sarath’s passions is the work he and his team do to develop expertise of international medicos.

“We have recently supported a team of doctors and allied health professional from Hong Kong to learn about multi-disciplinary medicine. We have 250 doctors from the Philippines coming in June.”

Sarath’s international peer Dr Stephanie Davis, Professor of Pediatrics at the Indiana University School of Medicine, said he was an outstanding and deserving recipient.

“From a research standpoint, he is a true scholar, having published nearly 160 manuscripts, many in high impact journals, He has presented internationally in multiple venues and is a renowned physician scientist,” she said.

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