Celebrating International Women’s Day at the RCH

Resilience, the importance of strong role models and never giving up were themes of this morning’s inspiring RCH International Women’s Day event celebrating celebrating women in sport and health. 

Channel Seven’s Jacqueline Felgate led a panel of past and present international sportswomen including Michelle Telfer, a former Olympic gymnast and RCH Head of Adolescent Medicine; Leanne Del Toso, RCH Creative Studio administrator and captain of the Australian Gliders Wheelchair Basketball team; Nicola Stevens, AFLW champion and trainee-osteopath; and Amy Jackson, international soccer player and health ambassador.

The women spoke about overcoming adversity and the need to follow your spirit in reaching goals.

“I didn’t like the notion of being told what I would and wouldn’t be able to do,” said Leanne, after being diagnosed with Hereditary Sensory and Motor Neuropathy at the age of 19

RCH Acting CEO Jane Miller paid tribute to the RCH’s proud tradition of eminent women.

“Wonderful doctors, nurses, CEOs, administrators, research scientists, support services, volunteers, executives, allied health and other clinicians … Inspirational, working women,” said Jane.

Sport has become a global language, a common denominator that breaks down barrier, Jacqui tole the audience in Ella Latham.

“It is a worldwide industry which can have widespread impact and is a powerful tool for change. There is a major correlation between sport and health. Both can affect every aspect of your health, including mental, physical, emotional – and social – health

“And sports people learn all-too-quickly the importance of health, wellness and managing their bodies and minds if they are to succeed. Women. Sport. Health. Three hugely loaded words. And three hugely-transforming worlds,” Jacqui said.

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  1. alma mckenzie

    There is certainly a major correlation between sport and health as mentioned in your article and as stated both can affect every aspect of your health, including mental, physical, emotional – and social – health.
    Not only sport but many other activities also have a strong connection to the physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing amongst people with disabilities.
    I am a Voluntary Advocate for people with disabilities and have been very moved by a young woman Belinda Mahoney. I have recently had the pleasure to meet and get to know Belinda on a very personal basis. Belinda has overcome her multiple disabilities to follow her dreams to become a performer in both singing and acting. Belinda has been a past patient of the RCH since birth until she was 15 years old prior to locating to Queensland.
    Belinda relocated back to Victoria when she was 25 as her mother and father were advised to return to Melbourne as Queensland Health was not as advanced to manage Belinda’s many medical and psychiatric issues.
    Belinda has a big voice and a big personality and her abilities are greater than her disabilities, including a very rare chromosomal abnormality. Belinda has a very impressive portfolio and has performed with well-known artists within the entertainment industry as a support act including the Seekers, The Ten Tenors, James Morrison and the late Jacky Trent. Belinda has worked tirelessly over many years to achieve her dreams and goal of becoming a professionally paid performer and to break into the singing/acting/theatre industry.
    I would appreciate it if you could please take 5 minutes of your very valuable time to view the link, produced in 2006 and see this incredibly talented young woman who has overcome all odds to achieve her goal to sing and entertain. Belinda’s progress from 2006 is nothing but remarkable.
    For Belinda to represent the RCH Celebrating International Women’s Day 2019 would be a goal come true knowing exposure to the many people she can reach out to through representing people with disabilities may assist her in achieving her dream to continually inspire and motivate others.

    Warm regards
    Alma McKenzie

  2. Corporate Communications

    Hi Alma
    We’ve had a look at some of Belinda’s performances – what an inspirational woman!
    We’re not sure of the themes of next year’s International Women’s Day, but will definitely keep her in mind. Thanks for your comment.


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