A/Prof Andrew Kornberg’s circumnavigation of Australia is complete!

Congratulations to our very own A/Prof Andrew Kornberg, whose solo circumnavigation of Australia is complete!

Andrew arrived back in Melbourne on Saturday April 1 after one month in the air. He was greeted by staff from the RCH and RCH Foundation, his patient Tom and his family, along with Anne Randall from the Good Friday Appeal and staff from Avalon Airport, who have supported Andrew’s incredible journey.

Andrew began his fundraising adventure from the Australian International Air Show on Sunday March 5 and has spent the last month flying around Australia to raise money for the 2017 Good Friday Appeal.

Along the way he caught up with past and present patients, met many community groups and organisations and contended with wet and wild weather across the north of the country.

Read more about his epic journey on his blog here.

Andrew’s mission raises funds for a new Complex Movement Disorders Program at the hospital. If you would like to donate, there’s still time. Please visit the Fly for the Kids website for details.

6 comments for “A/Prof Andrew Kornberg’s circumnavigation of Australia is complete!”

  1. Patricia Doyle

    Why don’t you support and help kids with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome instead?

  2. Patricia Doyle

    Did you catch up with any kids with POTS to see how they are going? Some aren’t doing too well.

  3. Patricia Doyle

    Where does the money go? No one seems to know!!!!!

  4. Patricia Doyle

    Rainsing money for complex movement disorders. What about complex haemodynamic disorders? Too Hard?

  5. walshh

    Dear Patricia, Thanks for your messages. Associate Professor Kornberg is one of our neurologists and complex movement disorders his area of specialty, which is why he’s raising money for a complex movement disorders program. The funds that have been so generously donated will go towards this year’s Good Friday Appeal and enable us to buy equipment and technology, to enhance our research programs and also to support staff, particularly in leadership and educational roles. Thank you.


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