The My RCH app is here!

My RCH is an interactive guide designed to help you know what to expect during your stay and navigate your way around the RCH world.

The app will take you through each ward by showing specific room and ward features and descriptive information including the various healthcare professionals you may meet.

It serves as a visual guide to better inform you with photos, illustrations and educational videos. The app also contains a general guide to the hospital including resources, attractions, activities, maps, directions, way finding, contact details and useful links.

Key features include:

  • Ward specific guides – including features of each hospital room, what to expect on your ward, helpful information about the people you meet, where to find things you need, meal times, visiting hours and things to do
  • Hospital information – including maps to help you find you way around the RCH, helpful resources, useful tips for car parking, laundry, WiFi, activities, shops and accommodation
  • Community information – including maps, public transport, shopping, banks and more.

Click below to be taken directly to the download pages. If you’d like to share any feedback, you’re welcome to email

Download the app on iTunes. 

Download the app on Google Play. 



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