30 years of volunteering

It’s not often you meet someone who has been in the same role for 30 years, but here at the RCH we have two special people who have not only achieved this milestone, they’ve done it by giving their time in a volunteer capacity.

Norma Crombie and Maria De Poi recently had their 30 years of volunteer service recognised at the RCH Annual Celebration. To date, there has only been a handful of people to reach this milestone and we would like to take the opportunity to acknowledge and thank them for their outstanding commitment.

We sat down with Norma and Maria to reflect on their time as volunteers.

Tell us how you became a volunteer.

Norma: I had time on my hands, the children were adults and I thought “I’m very fond of babies and perhaps The Royal Children’s would be the way to go”, which it has proved to be.

Maria: My daughter was doing her intern year here, and she said “Mum, you need to fill in your time”. So I applied and I got in.

What moments stand out from the past 30 years?

Norma: Apart from the babies, I think the friends. I love the friends, some of them have left and we still keep in touch and I think that’s probably been very good for me.

Maria: The thank-yous that you get when you go around the wards. But at the end of the day, you get more out than what you put in.

What’s next in store for you?

Norma: I don’t know, I was presented with a beautiful dish for the 30 years last week and I kept thinking ‘I suppose somebody’s going to say “You’ve passed your use-by date, off you go”’ but I’m making splints and I do a mail run – and I think I can still do those jobs reasonably well. So long as the volunteers think I’m doing a good job, who knows?

Maria: I don’t intend to go anywhere. I hope to get to 40 years. I’ll be 88 so if the health allows me, I’ll be here for as I long as I can do it because I would really miss it.

Norma (L) and Maria (R) have both volunteered at the RCH for 30 years.

6 comments for “30 years of volunteering”

  1. Lorraine Dean (Laidler)

    Congratulations Norma!
    Lovely photo of an amazing lady.

    • Rae Gibbs

      Congratulations on this amazing achievement Mrs Crombie. I’m so pleased that you have been recognised for your dedication and generosity of spirit. Your commitment to volunteering is to be applauded as it makes an enormous difference and is such a positive influence in the lives of others. Well done you!

  2. Janet White (Crombie)

    Good on ya mum! We (your family)are so proud of you. 30 years is a wonderful achievement. We know how much you enjoy your Tuesday’s at RCH and are sure you will continue to volunteer for many more.

  3. Frances

    Well done Lorna & Maria!! Thank you for giving your time to the families and their babies. Xoxo

  4. Declan McAllister

    i am going to do my work experience as a nurse at the royal children’s hospital in February hopefully i get to meet them.

  5. Maree kelly

    Good on you Norma.Those children and babies have been very lucky to have your loving care.


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