Patients make the move to the new Royal Children’s Hospital

On Wednesday 30 November, patients and families make the move next door to our wonderful new Royal Children’s Hospital. From 8am, the hospital is open for emergency medical care, and inpatients and their immediate family only.

The new Royal Children’s Hospital is located immediately next door to the ‘old’ RCH. All current inpatients will be moved across to the new hospital during the day via purpose-built internal passageways linking the new and old buildings.

The RCH Emergency Department will operate uninterrupted throughout the transition, and the Emergency Department at the new hospital will be able to accept patients from 8am on Wednesday.

However, access to the new hospital is restricted on the move day; so parents are advised that unless their child requires urgent medical attention, they should obtain medical treatment or advice from their family doctor on Wednesday 30 November.

The new RCH has been created to provide an environment that is uniquely designed for children and young people, with spaces that are fun and stimulating and take healing beyond the bedside.

Our state-of-the-art building is surrounded by native parkland, flooded with natural light and splashed with colour.

The hospital features 85 per cent single inpatient rooms, parkland views, a central area for most outpatient appointments called Specialist Clinics and plenty of things to enjoy such as playgrounds, outdoor spaces, a coral reef aquarium, a bean bag cinema, even a mob of meerkats.

A special wayfinding strategy gives each level of the hospital a theme inspired by Australian flora and fauna and reflecting the Victorian landscape.

The new RCH is easy to find because we are right next door to the previous hospital and our address is still 50 Flemington Road, Parkville, and our switchboard number is: +61 3 9345 5522.

Vehicles can enter the hospital from Flemington Road, via Entry 1 and Entry 2. There are three levels of parking on B1, B2 and B3. There is also a tram stop right outside.

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