Meerkats at home in new RCH

A mob of nine Meerkats are set to brighten the lives of seriously ill children at the new Royal Children’s Hospital.

The Honourable David Davis, MP. Minister for Health and Ageing officially welcomed the meerkats into their new home on the weekend.

The meerkats enclosure is situated inside the Specialist Clinics area of the new hospital.

“The Meerkats are yet another unique feature of this state-of-the-art hospital,” Mr Davis said.

“The meerkat display will undoubtedly serve to delight, engage, entertain and perhaps most importantly, distract children from the fact they’re in a hospital.

The meerkats have lived together for several years at Melbourne Zoo. The oldest was born in 1999 and the youngest in 2004. There are six males and three females. They are not a breeding group so the number is not expected to grow.

The display replicates the natural habitat of a meerkat, being open air and providing maximum sunlight exposure.

The meerkat enclosure is one of the community partnership programs that form part of the new RCH Project. The concept was developed for a partnership with Melbourne Zoo.

Staff at Melbourne Zoo will visit the hospital every day to clean, feed and care for the animals as well as providing educational sessions to children.

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