Families in crisis receive special care

North Melbourne Footballer, Glenn Archer officially launched Beth’s Legacy Victoria, a new organisation that provides financial assistance and special care packages to families in a crisis situation at The Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne on Sunday 25 July 2004.

Beth’s Legacy was formed by Mary and Shaun Nolan in Queensland in 2001.  Shaun and Mary are the parents of conjoined twins Bethany and Alyssa who were born in May 2001.  Due to extreme ill health the girls were forced into an emergency separation operation.   Sadly Beth did not survive the operation.  Alyssa is now three years old and she is very well. 

Whilst in hospital Mary and Shaun became aware of the large gap in assistance offered to families in a crisis situation when a child is being hospitalised.  In memory of Beth they decided to form a non profit organisation to help families.  Beth’s Legacy assists more than 1500 families each year.

Beth’s Legacy supply the social work department at The Royal Children’s Hospital  with care packages which include items such as deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, tissues, tea & coffee pack, biscuits, noodles, tine of spaghetti or baked beans and a phone card, a notepad, pen and a magazine.  “It’s a nice surprise for parents as they don’t expect to receive these items. They are very grateful to receive these goods as they often rush to the hospital and this enables them to get through the first 24 hours and eases the stress on families,” Mary said.   

Founder of Beth’s Legacy, Mary Nolan said, “We wanted to help families and give back to the Royal Children’s Hospital in Brisbane.  We knew that some families desperately needed support as many families don’t fit into any category of the other charities.”

Beth’s Legacy takes control of issues for families, they will help pay a mortgage for a month or help pay for accommodation.  Beth’s Legacy assist more than 1500 families a year
For further information please contact Annessa Conquest from Public Affairs on
9345 5138. 

This event received the following media coverage:

  • TV- Ch 7, Ch 9, Ch 2
  • The Age
  • Herald Sun

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