Take a Breath Program

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A dyskinesia toolkit for clinicians

Standardised and accurate measurement of dyskinetic cerebral palsy is important to determine intervention effectiveness, ensure practice is based on high quality evidence and guide future interventions. Read more here about this toolkit developed by the Centre of Research Excellence – Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy Information Booklet

Prof Dinah Reddihough and colleagues have published the 4th edition of “Cerebral Palsy – An information guide for parents and families.”

Sexual Health and Disability – Resources for parents

Updated resources: Puberty is also a time when sexual attraction starts to occur, for all parents this can be an awkward time. As for all children, the best approach is to talk simply and honestly with your child about the feelings they may experience and try to be positive. Young people with a disability are just as likely to want relationships as any other person, it is important to recognise this and talk about it with your child.