Mitrofanoff Stomas

Children who have a bladder that does not empty are at risk of developing kidney damage if this is allowed to continue.


Children with bladder empyting problems may manage bladder emptying with catheters via the urethra.


Some children find doing catheters this way uncomfortable or too difficult so a a Mitrofanoff Stoma is another way to manage this problem and provide the child with independance.


A Mitrofanoff Stoma is a surgically created channel or tube between the bladder and the abdominal skin surface.


A thin, flexible tube or catheter is then able to be inserted into the bladder through the Mitrofanoff Stoma to drain the urine 2-5 times per day.


Our Stomal Therapy team has developed these resources on caring for a Mitroffonoff Stoma and may be useful learning resources for teachers and integration aids.


Judy explains a Mitrofanoff Stoma












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