#2 Inspiring stories – Malachy, trainer for Vic Police detectives

“Sometimes you have to go through the worst to get to the best”  Karen Salmansohn


Malachy Browne is an inspirational young man with an important role.  It all started just over a year ago.  We interviewed 18 year old Malachy and his mother Janet to find out more:


“This all came about when Malachy was admitted to RCH for weeks in Feb 2020, with severe pneumonia and empyema.


During that admission, Malachy enjoyed hanging out with Andrew, the little ray of sunshine and special ed teacher extraordinaire at RCH.


They enjoyed discussions and activities based around Mal’s favourite topic – all things emergency services.


Andy offered to make some calls to Vic Police, Ambulance and Fire services, to explore employment opportunities for Malachy.


Andy made contact with Hellen, the speech therapist involved in training SOCIT detectives at the Police Academy in Glen Waverley, in how to interview people with complex communication issues.


Unfortunately, Covid put a stop to the training last year, but Hellen made contact with us this year and Malachy was able to attend his first training day in May.


Malachy loved it!


He spent 4 hours using his Dynavox communication device to describe scenarios and suspects in photos, with each detective taking around 10 mins each to interview him.


Mal was exhausted at the end, but so excited to receive his first pay, as can be seen in the photo of him waving his pay envelope all the way home!



Malachy also enjoyed chatting with the detectives over lunch, and scaring them with a very realistic plastic spider that he just happened to have in his pocket…!


Unfortunately, Covid has again stopped the training days, but fingers crossed for the next session in August!


Malachy has one main message for all young people with cerebral palsy – “My CP won’t stop me!”


Awesome work Malachy – we are so proud of you!








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