Parent support groups in Neurodevelopment & Disability

The Parent Wellbeing Service has been running since 2018 within the Department of Neurodevelopment and Disability. It aims to support parents or primary caregivers who have a child with a neurodevelopmental disability.


Parents often put their child’s needs ahead of their own but taking time to talk about your own wellbeing can be extremely helpful.


At present, our wellbeing team which includes a Psychologist, and a Clinical Nurse Educator. Parents can be seen individually, or as a couple, either face to face and via Telehealth. Each session is designed to respond to individual needs, and we have found that parents can find it useful to discuss things such as:

  • What your child’s diagnosis means to you and your family
  • Your specific goals, priorities, hopes and worries for the future
  • Any personal problems, for example, lack of sleep, feeling isolated, inactivity or relationship stresses
  • Experiences identifying and navigating services for your child and your family
  • Strategies to support you in challenging times


Many parents who have attended the parent wellbeing service have told us that they would like to participate in a group program to support their mental health and wellbeing.  To facilitate this, we are planning to run a parent support group. We are seeking feedback from parents, so that we can offer a group that is accessible and suits the specific needs of parents who are part of our service.


If you have 5 minutes to provide us with valuable information to help get our groups up and running, or may like to attend a group yourself, please click on this link to take a short survey.


To hear more about the importance of a Parent Well-Being Service, you can listen to our Conversations with Clinicians podcast with Dr Georgina Cox here


If your child currently receives care from the Neurodevelopment and Disability team and you would like to attend the clinic on an individual basis, or find out more about it, email us at, or download a copy of our brochure here.


You can also discuss the clinic with your pediatrician at your next appointment. This is a free service offered within the department.



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